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Huangshan Kaichi Technology Co.,Ltd

After-sale Service
★ We Stand Behind Every Product We Sell.
★ All Of Our Brand New Products Come With 1 Year Guarantee.
★ For The Demaged, Broken,Defective, Or Other Issues, The Buyer Provide The Photo Proofs For Our Checking.
Once Confirmed By Our Technical Team,We Will Produce and Replace The Defective Items In Next Order.
★ We Will Refund The Purchase Price In Next Order If Buyer Prefers A Refund At The Purchase Order Cost.
One Year Warranty 
For the demaged,broken,defective,or other issues.
Provide us the detailed list,before the expiry of the warranty.
Technical Team
Our technical tem will check the related pictures or vidoes to identify problems.
Prompt Solution
We will replace the defective items or refund the purchase amount In next shipment.
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