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You are here: Home » Products » Brazed Auto Radiator » Nissan » 1426 Auto Engine Radiator For 95-98 Nissan 200SX 1.6L/91-00 Sentra 1.6L 2.0L

1426 Auto Engine Radiator For 95-98 Nissan 200SX 1.6L/91-00 Sentra 1.6L 2.0L

Kaichi Nr.:NI-151-26


Radiator Type:Brazed Aluminum Core

Size In Inch:12-5/8 In X 25-1/2 In X 1 In

Size In MM:320mm X 648mm X PA26

Min Order Qty:10pcs

Payment Term: T/T

Incoterm: FOB,CIF

Shipping Ports: Shenzhen Or Ningbo In China
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Item Specifics:

Part Type: Car Radiator Brand: KaIChi
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Part Number: NI-151-26
Height: 12-5/8 In./320mm Width: 25-1/2 In./648mm
Thickness: 1 In./26mm Inlet Diameter: 1-1/8 In./28mm
Outlet Diameter: 1-1/8 In./28mm Tank Material: Plastic
Core Material: Aluminum Trans Oil Cooler: Brass/Concentric
Trans Oil Cooler Central Distance: 11-13/16 In./300mm Rows: 1

Packing Options:


Packaging & Loading Container:


Warranty Policy:

1.We Stand Behind Every Product We Sell.

2.All Of Our Brand New Items Come With 1 Year Guarantee.

3.For The Demaged, Broken,Defective, Or Other Issues, The Buyer Provide The Photo Proofs For Our Checking.Once Confirmed By Our Technical Team,We Will Produce And Replace The Defective Items In Next Order.

4.We Will Refund The Purchase Price In Next Order If Buyer Prefers A Refund At The Purchase Order Cost.

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Nissan 200SX Base L4 1.6L 1995-1998
Nissan 200SX SE L4 1.6L 1995-1998
Nissan Hikari (Mexico) Base L4 1.6L 1991-1992
Nissan Hikari (Mexico) Turbo L4 1.6L 1991-1992
Nissan Lucino (Mexico) GSE L4 1.6L 1996-2000
Nissan Sentra Base L4 1.6L 1993-1998
Nissan Sentra Classic L4 1.6L 1991-1993
Nissan Sentra E L4 1.6L 1991-1994
Nissan Sentra GLE L4 1.6L 1995-1998
Nissan Sentra GSS L4 2.0L 1996-2000
Nissan Sentra GST L4 1.6L 1996-2000
Nissan Sentra GSX L4 1.6L 1996-2000
Nissan Sentra GXE L4 1.6L 1991-1999
Nissan Sentra Limited Edition L4 1.6L 1994
Nissan Sentra SE L4 2.0L 1998-2000
Nissan Sentra SE L4 1.6L 1991-1994
Nissan Sentra SE-R L4 2.0L 1991-1994
Nissan Sentra XE L4 1.6L 1991-1999
Nissan Tsubame (Mexico) Austera L4 1.6L 1995-1998
Nissan Tsubame (Mexico) GS L4 1.6L 1999-2004
Nissan Tsubame (Mexico) GST L4 1.6L 1999-2004
Nissan Tsubame (Mexico) GSX L4 1.6L 1999-2004
Nissan Tsubame (Mexico) Lujo L4 1.6L 1993-1998
Nissan Tsubame (Mexico) Tipico L4 1.6L 1993-1998
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) Austero L4 1.6L 1990-1997
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I L4 1.6L 2003-2017
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I Austero L4 1.6L 1996-2003
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I Edicion Especial L4 1.6L 2004
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I Millon y Medio L4 1.6L 2017
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I Plus L4 1.6L 1997
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I Special Edition L4 1.6L 2006-2007
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS I Taxi L4 1.6L 2001-2002
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS II L4 1.6L 1997-2017
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS II Austero L4 1.6L 1998
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GS II Plus L4 1.6L 1997,2002-2003
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) GST L4 1.6L 1990-1994
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) Lujo L4 1.6L 1995-1996
Nissan Tsuru (Mexico) Tipico L4 1.6L 1995-1996

Cross Reference:

Cross Reference Information Is Provided As A Guide Only. Please Refer To The Applications, Part Specifications And Drawings To Verify Fit.

NISSENS Number629661

OEM Part Number:


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